ASPOR A189 Data Cable

ASPOR-A189 (2)

ASPOR A189 Data Cable

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  • ASPOR A189 Data Cable
  • Fast charging data cable.
  • length 100mm.
  • IPX Cable
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ASPOR A189 Data Cable

Generally, there are two types of cables; Charging cables: can only charge your smartphone and other devices but cannot transfer data. These are commonly called “Charge-only” cables. Data cables: does both; charges your devices and transfer data.

Improvement in mineral-filled elastomer properties, including modulus, tensile and tear strength, heat buildup, abrasion resistance, resilience, compression set and cure time may be achieved with Silquest A-189 silane (gamma-mercaptopropyltrimethoxysilane).Silquest A-189 silane chemically bonds reinforcing minerals such as silica, clay, micaand talc to the polymer matrix. This silane is especially useful in sulfur-cured and metaloxide-cured elastomers. It can be used as a pretreatment on minerals or added at the time of compounding.

ASPOR A189 Data Cable 2


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